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Middle School Religious Studies

Middle School Catechism (Grades 6 - 8) Course # CI

Course Description:

This middle-school level course places an emphasis on Divine Revelation, Salvation History, Grace and the Moral Life.  Additionally, students will learn the importance of the virtues and the sacraments as necessary means to receive and grow in grace, which will in turn provide them the means to live the moral life to which Christ Our Lord calls them to. 

Required Texts 

The Life of Grace (Ignatius Press)

The Life of Grace - Activity Book

ISBN #:  978-0898700831                    



High School Religious Studies

High School Apologetics (Grades 11 - Adult) Course #: A1

Course Description:

The classic apologetics at the adult level. This course carries the  student  through a series of logic gates that begin with the proof of the existence of God and follow logically through the proof of the existence of the human soul, the necessity of religion, the reliability of the Gospels, the claims of Christ and the proofs thereof, the reason for His coming, the nature of His Church, its four classic identifying marks, and, finally, its infallibility as the religious Teacher of mankind.

Required Text: 

College Apologetics:  Proof of the Truth of the Catholic Faith


ISBN #: 978-0895554451


High School Sacred Scripture (Grades 9 - Adult) Course # SS1

Course Description:

Firmly grounded upon the Church's traditional  teaching on scriptural interpretation, the course presents a survey of Salvation History as recorded in the Old and New Testaments, beginning with the Genesis Account of Creation and ending with the Second Coming of Christ as related in the Apocalypse of St. John. 

Required Texts: 

Understanding Scripture: A Complete Course on Bible Study

Understanding Scripture: Workbook

ISBN #:    978-1890177478




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